PIPES Computer Program


PIPEPLT is a computer-aid program which is used to plot the physical configuration of piping system. This computer-aid program will open a data file that will also be used for static and dynamic piping analyses, adjustment applied. An output file will be generated with simplified version of DXF format. 3D elbow element is plotted as a straight line at the ends of elbow; however, the radius of curvature is required for elbow modeling. The beginning of elbow node is designated with a suffix letter A and the end of elbow node is designated with a suffix letter B. Inside AutoCAD, a DWG file format can be saved and detributed.

An example of piping system is plotted; and, can be found and linked from here.


PIPE SUPPORTS are used in order to keep the piping system in place and to resist applied forces. In nucler power plant, in general, three (3) types of supports are commonly used. They are Rigid (R) support, Varable (V) support and mechanical support, Snubber (S). Pipe supports can also change piping system boundary condition, so as to alter its natural frequency.